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Let’s cut the labels when it comes to size

How many sizes are you? For me, I can be a size 14 in Topshop, River Island and Whistles, but then struggle to fit into a size 18 in H&M and an XL in Zara. From personal styling clients to friends, I’ve had the size discussion a number of times, and it really baffles me as to why brands can’t just sort their sizing out.

Having worked in various sectors of the fashion industry for some time now, I know garment techs/designers cannot create pieces that’ll work for everyone, however, I do know for a fact that most brands fit their clothing on a ‘perfect’, and ‘in proportion’, size 10 fit model, which in my eyes is dated and ludicrous as the average size for a UK woman is a size 16….yep, for real.

But what can we do? Unfortunately not a lot, as I think only very few brands are open to re-hauling their sizing, and let’s be honest, most brands don’t actually want anyone over a size 12 wearing their clothing as they think they won’t represent the brand well (ahem, Mango). So, if brands can’t change their sizing, and we don’t want to lose weight, then we’re going to have to change our mindset around conventional sizing, this means, we need to acknowledge the fact that size labels in actual fact don’t.mean.shit. Sorry for the language, but it’s true. Many a time i’ve felt like crying in a changing room as literally nothing I brought in with me fits, and I have left the shop feeling really disheartened and hating myself.Fast forward to today, I now don’t care. Why? Because, i have now trained myself not to take any notice of the size label. It doesn’t matter.

We should not be defined by labels. Plus, I am lucky that I know the shapes and styles that suit my body shape, for instance, scandi style pieces that may come up a little oversize, or smock dresses with plenty of room, I really like clothing I feel comfortable in, but also look stylish at the same time. For me, this is all that matters, so the fact that a label has the power to make people feel like shit, really saddens me.

So my advice to you, is to take no notice, don’t put a label on your size, you are size ‘you’ and that’s all that matters. Take your time and seek out styles that suit your shape and make you feel happy. If something doesn’t fit in your size, don’t be afraid to get the size up, if the size on the label really bothers you then take my mum’s advice and cut it out!

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