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It's in the Bag - Melita Latham London

Every time I have to schlep into town for a meeting, I always curse myself for not having an appropriate bag to carry around my laptop - one that doesn't cause me back pain, but looks stylish at the same time. So when Melita contacted me, from Melita Latham London, and introduced me to her bag brand I was over the moon, not only are their bags crafted from a beautiful leather, they're super stylish and functional too - just what I needed. But that's not all, they're so elegantly packaged and when I received my bag in the post, it came in a lovely box and bag so it felt really special - one of my favourite things about getting a new handbag is the packaging it comes in!

But what does the bag look like?

It's a leather back pack shaped perfectly to carry your laptop and has other zipped compartments so you can easily access your valuables whilst you're about town, in other words it's perfect.

Just look how dreamy this leather laptop bag is. I can't wait to style it with my blue jeans black top and leather jacket. It'll also be great for when we eventually start travelling again as I can take my iPad, books and other bits and bobs without having to carry around an extra plastic bag (naughty, naughty).

How would I style the leather backpack I hear you ask?

See my video below of different outfits I'd style it with, I'll do an Instagram styling video next week, so stay tuned for that.

But Melita Latham London doesn't just do leather backpacks, no, they also do beautiful leather cardholders, leather trinket trays, Leather luggage tags, leather clutch bags, and more. Here's a pic of one of their leather clutch bags I have my eye on:

Do check them out here:


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