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Find your Colour - PART 1

After my last post on colour analysis, I've been inundated with requests to offer more information, like that of what I offered in my Body Shape Analysis Guide. I wasn't sure if this is something that would work as well in written form as colour analysis is such a visual experience - a video might be more useful no? However, in the mean time I thought I'd work on a brief guide for you guys to help you on your way whilst I summon up the courage to get in front of the camera!

After much deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that colour analysis can be an enormously helpful tool for people looking to find their own personal style identity, because it forces you to consider the role of colour in your wardrobe and points you towards a palette that suits your own complexion and away from trends. However, I do believe a colour profile should not be looked at as a set of rules, but as just a guide.

In my last post I talked about the different seasons you could be and how you can determine the season by looking at the veins at the back of your wrist, or a simple comparison to one of the celebrities below, might give you more of an idea.


A WINTER Profile is for ladies who have:

1. Mid-Brown, dark brown to black hair

2. Have a cool/light skin tone with hints of olive

3. Have a big contrast between eyes, skin and hair.

4. Black, dark brown eyes or pale blue and hazel eyes.

Celebrities who have a WINTER profile are:

Bella Hadid

Lucy Liu

Rachel Weiss

Anne Hathaway

Courtney Cox

Winona Ryder

Dita Von Tees

Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Connolly

Colours to suit WINTER profile:


Icy Blue



Hot Pink


Powder Blue

Bright Navy





A SPRING Profile is for ladies who have:

1. Light blonde hair to mid-brown, red undertones and strawberry blonde.

2. Light skin, peachy undertone, .

3. Light blue, hazel eyes or light brown eyes

Celebrities who have a SPRING profile are:

Julianne Moore

Michelle WIlliams

Julia Roberts

Jessica Chastain

Emma Stone

Karlie Kloss

Gwyneth Paltrow

Colours to suit a SPRING profile:

Pastel Pink


Tomato Red

Pastel Blue

Dark Brown

Golden Brown


Lt Salmon


Gold Yellow


Green, Moss, Emerald



A SUMMER Profile is for ladies who have:

1. Light ash blonde hair to medium brown hair, cool undertones.

2. Cool skin that may darken in the sun, not much contrast between skin and hair.

3. Light blue, grey brown, slate and light green.

Celebrities who have a SUMMER profile are:

Jennifer Aniston

Blake Lively

Sarah Jessica Parker

Michelle Pfieffer

Lauren Conrad

Reece Witherspoon

Kate Middleton

Jessica Biel

Colours to suit a SUMMER profile:

Baby Pink


Pine Green

Light Yellow


Dusky Purple

Emerald Green





An AUTUMN Profile is for ladies who have:

1. Mid-brown to black hair, or medium to deep red or golden mid-brown

2. Rich overall colouring, not too much contrast between hair, skin and eyes. Warm and golden. Olive.

3. Dark brown to black, dark green, amber - brown.

Celebrities who have an AUTUMN profile are:

Natalie Portman



Kerry Washington

Eva Longoria

Eva Mendes

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Alba

Penelope Cruz

Victoria Beckham

Katie Holmes

Colours to suit an AUTUMN profile:



Light Evergreen



Dusty Pink




Dark Stone



Medium Grey

Warm Mauve

*THIS IS JUST A GUIDE. This analysis is based on my personal experience, research and what I learnt during my course. If you are still unsure how to work out what season you are, or are not sure what specific colours to select from your season, please email

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