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Topshop Red Suede Boots

I am not sure why it's taken me so long, but eventually I caved and bought the Bounty Suede Western Ankle Boots from Topshop. I just don't think I was brave enough before and black is so obviously the better investment. However, I found myself wearing so much black and really needed of a pop of colour to liven up my outfits, plus red goes amazingly with leopard print.

Anyway, I bit the bullet and bought the boots last week and boy am I glad. Even though they have literally ripped skin from the back of my right ankle, they're worth it. Plus, what is it that they say? Beauty is pain?

I bet you're wondering how many outfits these boots actually go with aren't you? Well, I wore them with black jeans, a white top and a blue denim jacket for a cool day look. I then paired them with jeans and a leopard print blouse, for a chic evening look. Next on the agenda is mom jeans, t shirt and grey blazer for a bit of Emma Hill inspired style. I also have a black and white stripe t-shirt maxi dress i bought from Monki i'm going to pair them with, so watch this space!

Like these boots, but not sure what you can wear them with in your existing wardrobe? Drop me an email!

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