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How to layer like a pro

With the weather not playing ball, we are all in a state of ‘I’ve got nothing to wear.’ The climate changes daily and sometimes we have all seasons in one day. This completely changes the game and makes dressing each day really difficult. However, there is a solution. Yep, I’ve got the key to make all your in-between weather dressing easy as ABC and help you to layer like a pro!

The Morning

To put it simply, the more you layer up, the more you can put on and take off when necessary. So for instance, the mornings can be pretty nippy and warrant a coat over your knitwear and maybe even a scarf.


However, when the time hits noon the temperature starts to rise, thus does your body temperature, so when you take off that jacket and scarf and you’ve got a knitwear piece to keep you warm! BUT, if it is really, really warm - then ensure you have a basic white tee under your jumper or cardigan so you can actually take the knit off and you’re not naked underneath (this also abolishes any unwarranted knitwear rash). Not sure what to do with your jumper once you’ve removed? I would drape lovingly over your shoulders to cover-up slightly, but still leaving your arms bare to cool down.

After 5pm…

As the temperature starts to cool again, on go the layers. Pop on your jumper/cardigan and then your jacket, et voila you’re all set for the commute home. We do give you permission to remove you jacket on the train as it can get quite warm….

Tricks of the trade

  1. Do you have quite a few pieces left over from summer you desperately want to wear during winter? For instance, many women have a lace blouse in your wardrobe, this is not just for evening, you can actually layer it over a shirt or tee shirt and wear during the day.

  2. Or did you buy a lightweight jacket but it’s a little too cold to wear on it’s own? If so, I would recommend teaming the jacket underneath a blanket coat to add another dimension to the look.

  3. Bought a slinky slip dress? Why not transition this to your autumn winter wardrobe and team a long sleeved tee shirt underneath it and the layered a long wool duster over it.

  4. Denim. You can most definitely still wear your denim jacket during the cooler months. Either wear this under your main coat, or team a padded gilet over the denim jacket to add extra warmth to your look.

  5. Long maxi dresses. Maxi dresses aren’t just for summer, you can team them over tights, ankle boots and longline waistcoats. You can also wear them with a fur coat to add another layer and create an impact.

To summarise, layering is a great way to bring all of your great pieces into the mix and prepare for unpredictable weather, it also allows you to go from day-to-night with ease, not to mention give you more wear out of the pieces you may not have had the chance to wear during the summer months. Not sure how to perfect the art of layering? Give me a call I can most definitely help with that!

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