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My Top Five Faves for Summer!

On my journey to becoming more sustainable and making the most of my wardrobe, I've definitely made a conscious effort to put more and more of my favourite pieces on rotation. If you follow me on Instagram you'll be able to see i'm not afraid to wear the same thing again and again anymore, whereas a few years ago this would cause me no end of anxiety. So what pieces do I currently have on location, and are they still available? I'll also give you a few tips on how to transition each piece through to autumn - winter might be a stretch for one of the dresses though!

I got this Ganni tee in the sale at Christmas from Farfetch and I have worn it so many times. Not only do i love the motif on the front, it's made from the softest cotton which feels great on the skin and is super cooling during the warm weather. You want to know what the good news is? It's still available now!

As some of you may have noticed, I love a good boiler suit. As in, I LOVE them! So much so, I had to get the short version for the summer. So it has short sleeves and shorts. It nips in at the (elasticated) waist and zips along the front which is great as my boobs gape with button downs. It's super comfy and looks great with trainers or sandals. Good news! It's still available now.

I had my eye on this dress as soon as it came out. I always find Other Stories can be a little pricey, so I always take my time when shopping there, especially if i'm ordering online as I'm still sussing out sizing there. HOWEVER, they do do regular sales and I always check my emails to see when they send their obligatory summer sale email which is when this little beaut popped up! I bought it instantly and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself - It's still there too if you want it!

Let's talk about white jeans. Not the easiest bottoms to wear especially if you have kids or pets, but they are sooo versatile and once you get rid of the white jean fear, you're good to go. Now, I must say this - white jeans aren't just for summer, you can wear them all year round! There's nothing quite like a crisp pair of white jeans teamed with a fluffy knit and finished with an ankle boot. Here are my favourite white jeans from Topshop.

Wow. Just wow. This white denim shacket is definitely my go-to jacket this season. It's the perfect cover-up as it's so lightweight, not heavy and comes in a crisp white denim with buttons along the front and huge pockets - perfect if you don't want to bring a bag out. I usually wear over a dress, blue jeans and tee and even denim shorts. It's great for travel and can be worn during chilly evenings on holiday - sold? It's still available now!

I hope you like my top 5 pieces! All these looks were shot by the wonderful Rachel Lipsitz Photography!

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