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A Pain in the Boob!

Trying to find the perfect bra can be a pain in the arse, or boob come to think of it. Even now there isn’t enough on the market to represent all different shapes and sizes, especially when it comes to underwear. I’ve written articles on nightwear and underwear before, but I probably haven’t given any decent examples of how wearing the right underwear can make an outfit look completely different.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a bra size 36F which means I’m not lacking in the boobage department! This can be really annoying, especially as I love button up style clothing and even with a minimiser they gape at the bust, some people just crack on and let it gape, however I don’t really like the way it sits when this happens. It’s for this reason many moons ago I started wearing minimisers. Some people may wonder why I’m trying to trap my babies, but honestly, they have made such a difference. They knock your boobs down at least one size which I like and have a lot of support around the sides which is where mine spill out to most.

Although they’re not the prettiest things, you can get some with lace and a nice design nowadays in a few different colours, so all isn’t lost in the appearance front. So, where do I get mine? It’s easy – Marks and Spencer, if it aint broke…. There are also a few brands online that do them, I got one from Figleaves which is good, but with bras I do like to try before I buy as each design can give you a slightly different shape.

Their Rosie Huntington-Whitley collection has also launched a minimiser which has silk AND I’m no doubt going to get my hands on!

I would also recommend Triumph, who do a range of minimisers and well shaped bras perfect for us bigger busted ladies.

You can also go to Bravissimo, who also do a variety of shapes and sizes.

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