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Go L*VE yourself!

I love myself. Bold statement eh?! It’s true, kinda. I would be lying if I said I didn’t hate my stomach, or I didn’t wish I was a little bit smaller, but as someone once told me if I really wanted to lose weight then I would.

We all have parts of ourselves we don’t like, whether it be our nose, hair, big toe (I have a huge one), or bingo wings – there’s always something. If we spent time loving ourselves instead of hating ourselves then the world would be a much happier place. Life’s too short to put ourselves down all the time and we need to stop comparing ourselves to people we see on Instagram living the high life, we all have our ups and downs and believe it or not, some of these ‘insta-models’ probably hate something about themselves too.

Even though I am happy in general being the size I am, there are times when I feel a bit isolated from fashion. I can’t wear certain things, or some brands don’t go higher than a 14 which can be a bit tricky if their pieces come up small. I love fashion so much, therefore I must seek out independent brands who cater for everyone and stock a variety of sizes. You will see I’m wearing this gorgeous satin robe I got from Identity Lingerie who’s an independent lingerie brand that celebrate body positivity like me!

So, I am going to make it my mission to buy from independent brands that have the same values I do and that cater for everyone.

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