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How to declutter your wardrobe AND be more sustainable.

This post was written in collaboration with charity shop Banardo's whom I will be working with in the coming months. I'm so excited about this as I LOVE charity and thrift store shopping as you never know what you might find and are doing something good at the same time. Each piece has history and I love imagining who owned the item previously and how they styled it, charity shops are also a great place for you to donate your pre-loved pieces without the guilt! So if you're planning a clean-out courtesy of the new year, then read my top tips below on how to declutter your own wardrobe.

  1. Take everything out. The best way to start is to take everything out of your wardrobe so you have an empty space. As you remove each piece, have a think about how you feel about the item and if you love it, hate it, or are not sure?

  2. Create 3 piles. Have a pile for stuff you definitely want to keep and will wear again, create a pile for items you haven’t worn, will never wear, or is faulty and place each piece into each pile accordingly.

  3. Once your 3 piles are complete, put all the items back you want to keep in colour order and in order of what you wear more often (this will make it easier to dress in the morning). Once back in, have a think about different ways you can wear each piece.

  4. For all the pieces you no longer want, but are still in good condition, pack up and donate to your local charity shop. Someone else can then benefit from the clothes you no longer wear, whilst doing your bit for slow fashion AND charity.

  5. Repeat all the above steps each season and for all wardrobes and draws you have. Once you get started you won’t want to stop!

Not to hard eh? So, if you feel guilty about letting some pieces go, don’t. It’ll give you more space and bring joy to someone else’s life. If you need any help – please email me here -

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