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My interview with Ferris Heart Sloane

Not sure if you know this, but I actually have experience styling brides and bridesmaids for weddings. I help brides-to-be find their perfect wedding dress to suit their shape and requirements AND their bridesmaids too. Having had to arrange my own wedding 18 months ago, I did a lot of research into wedding vendors, dressmakers and more, plus I've organised 2 wedding shows for brands exhibiting their bridal collections.

Anyway, i digress. I've started working with an amazing florist called Ferris Heart Sloane, whom specialise in faux flowers that look ridiculously real. Ferris Heart Sloane, create arrangements to suit any colour scheme and also do corporate and show flowers too. If I could do my wedding over again, I would've definitely gone to Natasha (owner) first.

Here's my interview with Ferris Heart Sloane (they interviewed me):

How Did You Become A Stylist?

I've always adored fashion and putting outfits together and when I was doing Fashion PR I was given briefs by the stylist and thought 'I could do this myself'. Plus all my friends would take me shopping with them and beg me to do it professionally, so I did a course 5 years ago and set Wardrobe Doctor up last year! I love helping people feel confident and happy. My aim is to ensure fashion is accessible to everyone and not just models/celebrities. I want women to know that style is there to make them happy and to help them on their journey to being more positive about themselves and their bodies, we're all beautiful, but sometimes a butterfly can't see its own wings...

What Services Do You Offer And Where Do You Work Geographically?

I offer personal shopping, wardrobe detoxes, wedding styling, virtual styling and business styling. I have also just launched my 'GO L*VE YOURSELF!' body positivity workshop, whereby I provide the tools and activities to help women start their journey to loving themselves and their bodies.

Who Would You Most Like To Style And Why? And Whose Style Do You Love?

I would love to style everyone! To me that is the aim, to help a whole heap of women and get them to a place where they are more confident in themselves. BUT, if I had to choose one person it would probably be Michelle Obama as she is a strong and powerful woman and I just love everything about her.

You've Worked With Some Well Known Personalities. What Qualities Do You Think Draw Them To You?

I’m quite friendly and easy going, I don’t like to pressure people and listen to what they want. Listening and being conscious of them is really important. I also think they find me a bit eccentric, but I don’t mind! Another thing my clients have told me is that I am normal, people don't find me intimidating as I am just like them and that makes them feel comfortable.

You Also Do Wedding Shoot Styling. Tell Us More About The Work You Are Doing With Ferris Heart Sloane?

I love styling weddings and styled my own wedding as well as shoots for brands. I’m working with Ferris Heart Sloane to bring their beautiful blooms to life in styled photo shoots and to show how a beautiful floral arrangement can make such a difference to your big day.

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