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No matter what age, shape or size you are - you are beautiful. Want to know why? Because you are you and that’s enough. The media portrays the right body shape to be the perfect size 10 with mean abs and a flat stomach, but that’s not the case – well for me it isn’t. I am a size 16.

Yep, I was ashamed of this a while back and used to cut the labels from my clothes so no one knew, but I knew. I felt like I was letting myself down for getting bigger, but someone said to me ‘if you really want to lose weight Lauren, you would have done it by now’, which is so true. I actually don’t care anymore and still wear what I want to wear and am not embarrassed by it, it’s me, and my body does so much for me I should be grateful. Plus I have a whole wardrobe full of great clothes that I wouldn’t be able to wear if I lost weight, oh and I love donuts. And McDonalds. And Dominos……preferably all together.

Check out this tattoo artist I found called Frances Cannon, her sketches are great and perfect for the message I have been trying to get across, here’s one below.

So, why the big lecture on body positivity? I am now starting workshops to help women accept their bodies and realise just how beautiful they are. This will be incorporated with my body shape analysis and guide – plus, I’ll teach you how to dress for your shape to look and feel great.

How will these workshops work? I have a series of activities to help you on your way and have fun at the same time – there will be games, crafts AND some motivational speaking.Want more information on how to go L*VE yourself?! – Email

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