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Colour Me (or you) Happy!

Colours, colours, colours - You asked, now I've delivered. When I studied styling, colours was not my favourite part of the course. I found it quite out of date and wasn't sure how much I'd use colour analysis on a daily basis. However, I was mistaken. Yep me. Wrong - Doesn't happen often, but I am the first to admit it.

Feel comfortable in your own skin...

Anyway, sometimes it's just trial and error and when I started styling clients properly, colours became an important factor during our sessions. It became apparent people are scared of colour and mainly stick to colours they 'feel safe' in as opposed to colours that lift them up and bring out the beauty of their complexion. So how do you find out what colours suit you? Firstly you have to discover your skin tone. Your skin tone is the base to where it all begins, so having this nailed means you're already on your way. You can be either cool or warm, a great way to check is to see the veins at the back of your wrist and if they're bluish - you've probably got a cool undertone, but if green - than a warm undertone.

What colours suit?

In theory you can wear any colour you'd like, no one from the colour analysis police will come and get you, however it's about figuring out what colour brings the best out in you and lifts you up as opposed to washing you out, or throwing dark shadows on your face. So if you have a cool complexion (light ash blonde hair or light brown hair, blue/grey/green eyes, - you have what we call summer colouring. For all you cool skin toned, people with ash-toned medium brown hair to dark brown hair with no reddy-gold highlights and have deep blue/hazel or brown eyes - you have winter colouring - do you see where i'm going with this?

Find out more

Then - once you have figured out your skin tone and what 'season' colouring fits you - you can then go about working out what colours suit you, e.g if you have summer colouring then soft pastels will look great on you, or the darker you are the more you can play around with primary colours. Once you get the hang of it, picking clothing in the right colour for you will be a walk in the park, it's just the initial analysis you might find helpful!

Want to learn what season colouring you are and what colours will bring the best out of your complexion and look? Do drop me a quick email and I can explain more! Email:

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