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Pros and cons of hiring a personal stylist...

Sorry about the cliche, but whatever way you look at the New Year, it still has 'new' in the title and you can't help but want to make some kind of change, even if it is the same change every year.

Now, I know to some people hiring a stylist, or investing in a personal stylist, is not necessarily a necessity, but it's so much more than just getting someone to sort your wardrobe out. So I decided to have my ten pence worth and give you reasons for and against hiring a stylist... Let's start with the pros (I'm a natural born sales woman)...


- A wardrobe detox is actually a therapy session designed to help you come to terms with letting go and really find your individuality.

- A styling session helps to SAVE you money, yes I know you have to pay for the session, but in the grand scheme of things that's just a drop in the ocean compared to what you could save utilising the clothing you already own.

- You can have some fun. Yep, fun. Trust me. You'll get to try clothes on you've had for years and see them develop into a completely different outfit you never would have thought of! Now who'd of thought that roll neck from 2010 that still has the tags on it could become so useful?! I DID!!!

- You'll create space. Yes, by getting rid of clothes you've had hanging up for 10 million years, you'll create space for your new outfits and have some room to breathe.

- You'll get to meet me! Ha, not trying to blow my own trumpet but i can crack a few jokes during the session and be a good support if you want to talk about anything.

- Think of all the time you'll save. Just sit back and let me sort and coordinate your wardrobe - all your clothing will be in order and next time you wonder 'what the fudge am i going to wear' will be a distant memory.

- You'll learn a lot about yourself. I'll do a full body shape analysis and colour session to make shopping for yourself easier in the future.


- Unfortunately, I can't do it for free - if I could I would because I love it sooo much. But you would have to pay me, (not nearly as much as you'll end up saving in the long run).

- You may have other priorities, which I completely understand and can take president over a styling session, however when really is a good time to sort yourself out? - Scared. Now you might be scared to show your body to someone, or embarrassed at the state of your wardrobe and don't even want to show it to your best friend let alone someone you've never met before.

- Hubby might say no. This happens alot, but just tell him how hard it is being a woman and this will make you feel better.

- What if it goes back to the way it was straight after? It won't - You can have access to my FREE style tip group, plus i'm always around if you want a chat (no charge) - i'll also teach you little tricks of the trade to help you on your merry way.

Now obviously there are more pros than cons, and why wouldn't I say that? I'm trying to promote my business aren't I? I am as honest as you can get and I wouldn't try to force my services on anyone that isn't 100% sure!

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