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One of the most common questions, or statements, I hear is ‘I can’t find the right jeans’ – in my personal opinion, I think the finding the right pair of jeans is one of the most important tasks when trying to create your capsule wardrobe. There are endless ways you can wear a pair of jeans. Whether it be to work (if you can wear what you like), weekends or even nights out, a pair of jeans is generally your go-to wardrobe staple. I am not by any means a denim specialist, but I do know what style jeans suit which body shape and can recommend good denim brands my denim stylist friends swear by. Anyway without further ado, here is my jeans guide based on body shape.

Jeans for Pear Shape

If you are a pear shape, I would recommend going for a high-waist pair of jeans. This will skim over the hips and bottom area and add more definition to your waist. I would however opt for a dark indigo pair or black pair as not only are they the most versatile colour ways, they are the most flattering for your shape and will not bring attention to your bigger lower half.

Go for high waist, or mid-rise, dark washed

Budget: Topshop Jamie Jeans (black or indigo)

Mid-Budget: Levis - 721 High-Rise Skinny Jeans (in black sheep)

Jeans for Apple Shape

If you’re an apple shape, then I would advise going for a mid-rise pair of jeans. There are some really great brands out there that stock jeans with tummy control. Now I know this sounds a bit mummy-ish but even some of my friends still wear their maternity jeans due to the thick elasticated waist. I would also recommend bootcut jeans as well, they will really add definition to your shape and create an hourglass effect, if teamed with a boot too – they will also help to elongate the leg. One last thing, have a think about wash, as with Pear shapes I would still recommend going for a darker wash jean or black jean to flatter your bottom half.

Go for mid-rise, boot cut, straight leg, darker washes, tummy control…

Jeans for Carrot Shape

If you're like me and a carrot shape, I would most definitely opt for high-waisted jeans that graze the ankle. This will make your legs look longer, give you more definition at the waist and hip area to give you more proportion. As you are generally smaller at the bottom and may have slim legs, you can go for a lighter wash jean. I still go for darker, but do sometimes like an off black or grey pair of jeans as this breaks up the black. Try to tuck tops into your high waisted jeans if you’re a carrot, this will also make your legs appear longer and take the spotlight off your bigger upper half.

Go for high rise skinny jeans in any wash.

Budget: Topshop Jamie Coated Jeans, Hayden boyfriend jeans (you can wear these at the waist with a belt)

Jeans for Hourglass Shape

For hourglass I would opt for high rise again, I know this seems to be the way forward but you can actually wear mid-rise and low-rise too if you like. As you are kind of in proportion anyway, a high rise jean would accentuate your waist even more and a skim over your bum and hips. High rise boot cut jeans look great on an hourglass figure and really show off your womanly shape. In regards to wash, I wouldn’t go too light but feel free to mix up your blues a little bit.

Try to wear jeans that accentuate your waist and flatter your hips and thighs

High-budget: NYDJ Bootcut in black coloured denim

Jeans for Boyish Shape

If you are slim build, tall and have a boyish figure you can wear most jeans. Feel free to go for low rise boyfriend jeans, but add a belt to add a bit more depth. You can also go for a high waist which will add definition to your waist, however make sure you get the right sized leg as you don’t want to have to fold or leave scrunched at the ankles, or even graze the ankles too much. Bootcut jeans look great on tall women and when the flare covers over a high heel, it will make you look like you’re all leg! Wide leg jeans can also work well as this will add more dimension to your up and down figure. The only jeans I would avoid would be mid-rise straight, I actually don’t have a good reason for this I just feel they are the least on-trend style jeans.

Try to wear jeans to add proportion and create definition

High Budget - Made in Heaven

I hope you find this jeans guide useful! If you're still not sure - please do drop an email to

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