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The Little Black Dress - Careaux

Rachel Beattie from Careaux has revolutionised the way we wear our little black dresses for good. No more, its fine on the bottom but too tight at the top. Read Rachel's guest post...

Change the way you dress forever...

The Careaux Black Dress was born from a dream I had when I was 14 of a dress that was unlike any dress I had seen before. Waking up, I told my sister Laura and we both knew from that moment that this was what we wanted to do; we had to do to solve the issue most women face with dresses. We then came up with the name ‘Careaux’ which was inspired by the names of our childhood dogs, Carrie and Rosie.

Fast forward eight years and Careaux has launched. A brand rooted in the belief that we can make our dreams come true - a value that is integral. No matter what you dream is, we want you to feel that dreams can/do come true. Careaux is our dream, we want you to achieve yours. We want our dress to make you feel special and give you that feeling that you can achieve your dreams - to have your own Careaux fairytale.

We have all been shopping and been frustrated by finding a dress that you love that didn’t fit our body shape, or finding a dress that we loved the bottom of but not the top - or simply, we just couldn’t find the right style. The Careaux Black Dress address these frustrations.

The Careaux Black Dress has a zip around the waist which allows the dress to be separated into a top and a skirt. This gives the dress the ability to:

  • Have a different top size to the bottom size, so if you’re two different sizes - you’re covered.

  • Have the same top and bottom size.

Not only that, you can interchange tops and skirts to create different dress styles, with each additional top or skirt selected multiplying the amount of dresses in your wardrobe.

So, if you want a sleeved pencil dress for the office, but then you want a sleeveless style for after work drinks - just unzip the sleeved top and replace it with a sleeveless top and you have a completely new dress.

We have a sleeveless and a sleeved top and also a pencil skirt and a skater skirt to create four dress combinations.

We offer any size and the dress aims to democratise fashion, and ensure that no matter the wearer’s age, shape, or style, there is a combination that is perfect for everyone.

Our sizing is called the Careaux Combination. Your combination for your Careaux Black Dress, as it is your size and your shape.

Steps to finding your Careaux combination…

  1. Choose your top size e.g. 10 etc.

  2. Choose your waist size

  3. Choose your bottom size e.g. 12 etc.

For example, your Careaux Combination could be 10, 29, 12

Make your dreams come true with Careaux and #zipdressdream

Love, Careaux.

Please follow us on social media on @careauxofficial as we are really excited to share this with you and any questions please email, it would be lovely to hear from you.

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