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The Rules of Lingerie...

Good lingerie is the foundation of not only a good outfit, but a good day. The lingerie world can be a complex place to know what you should be wearing with what, so here are some simple rules of lingerie to help you feel your best each day. Here is a guest post by owner of Claudia May Lingerie, Claudia...

Rule number one: Fit.

Many women still don’t wear the correct bra size. Wearing the right bra size and a properly fitted bra is essential to your comfort and health. Your bra front gore (The part that sits between the cups and holds them together) should be flat against your chest. The band should be firm on your back and sit straight across. If it rides up or leaves huge red marks the band is either too loose or too tight. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of a bra’s support comes from the band, not the straps or cups. Your cups should be filled perfectly. Most women have one breast larger than the other, always make sure that the cup size caters to the larger cup. It’s better to have a slight gape than an overspill. Your straps should sit on your shoulders without digging into you. If you have red marks then you must loosen your straps.

Rule number 2.1: Bra style. The style of your bra is crucial in every aspect; enhancing your outfit, getting the best out of your curves, and confidence. Check the neckline of an outfit and decide if you want any bra to show and if so, how much. A V neckline often invites a plunge bra style. Any other neckline allows you to wear a bra of almost any style, balconettes work well under straight necklines. Have no shame in showing part of a pretty bra. I occasionally wear a lace balconette with a V neckline so a little lace pops out. Strapless tops and dresses should ALWAYS be worn with a strapless bra. A good strapless bra is a necessary investment.

Rule number 2.2: Knickers style. Your choice of knickers is probably more important than a bra style to be honest. Visible panty lines (VPL) do not look good on anyone (sorry). With tight fitting clothes you should always wear a no VPL pair of briefs of a thong. Over party seasons, a tight figure hugging dress calls for a plain or flat lace G-String which should fit close to your body. Flowing day dresses allow the opportunity for you to wear your comfort knickers. Briefs that do give a VPL should be worn with outfits that don’t sit close to your skin.

Rule number 2.3: Solutions. If you have a super plunge neckline or a backless dress, don’t spend ages trying to find a bra that works with the outfit. Turn to medical bandage tape. This is an absolute saviour and you can control where the tape goes and apply as much as you feel necessary to feel supported. Save on nipple covers and opt for plasters. If you do buy nipple covers invest in some reusable silicone ones as they offer the smoothest effect and you get more wear for your money.

Rule number 3: Colour. Lingerie doesn’t just have to be black, white and beige. Adding pops of colour to your lingerie drawer is great way to set the tone for a creative or playful day. Colourful lingerie can be worn under clothes of a similar colour way or under darker colours. It’s sometimes really lovely to have a colourful secret that only you know about. Certain shades of red can be worn as a nude bra under particular white fabrics which I personally didn’t know until I got into the lingerie industry. I use the colour of my lingerie to set the mood for my day.

Rule number 4: Get confident. Lingerie is about what you want it to be about. Yes, I do believe wearing matching, or near matching lingerie everyday is important. It sets the tone for the day and is lovely to strip down to as you get ready for bed. My philosophy is to wear your best sets everyday for yourself. Do not save your expensive lingerie for special occasions. Wear it all of the time; you want your money’s worth out of it. The average woman owns 9 bras which means you should wear you expensive bra at least 41 times in a year for it to have been as worthwhile buying as your cheaper bras.


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