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Wardrobe Doctor x Honest Mum

So something really exciting happened the other day, you should already know if you follow all my Social Media channels, but if not, here goes....

Honest Mum blog featured me in her Wonderful Women interview series! How amazing is that?! Usually featuring celebrities such as Emma Bunton and Alesha Dixon, this opportunity was unreal and i just couldn't say no. i'm clearly not a celebrity, but i will be working with Vicki to style her for all the amazing things she has coming up!

I started working with Vicki, Founder of Honest Mum, about 6 years a go when i looked after in-house PR at a London based fashion brand. We got on so well, we've been in touch ever since.

I'd provide Vicki with clothes and outfits I knew would suit her and i knew she would love, thus creating a match made in style heaven! So when i started the Wardrobe Doctor, i knew i wanted Vicki as my first client. And so it begins...

Here is a snippet of the interview:

You can read the full version here.

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