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How to Shop your Wardrobe

As some of you may have seen on Social Media I’ve decided not to buy anything for at least a month. Now I know this may not seem that long for most people, but for me it’s like a decade. There are many reasons why I want to do this, one of which is because quite frankly I could without spending any more money, I am also running out of space in my wardrobe, chairdrobe and floordrobe to the point where I think hubby is going to have a nervous breakdown.

Another reason is sustainability. Everyone and their aunt seems to be talking about sustainability to the point where I worry it’s just another trend where people pretend to care about something but really they’re just trying to fit in to what’s the hot topic right now. Now I don’t claim to be a massive environmentalist or anything, but after watching the Stacey Dooley documentary the other night it became quite clear how much the production in the fashion industry is having an effect on the environment to the point where it could literally stop the planet. Actually cease us from existing. How can we wear the clothes that’s killing the planet if we’re all dead? Something to think about. Anyway, so to try and do my bit, and I know it’s not a massive help, but I’ve decided instead of shopping and spending money on clothing I already have, I’m going to shop and restyle pieces I already own.

Step 1

Create a moodboard of looks you like and how you would like your style to transition to. Think of outfits you like and colour combinations you’d like to try. Also, think of celebrities whose style you like the look of for inspiration.

Step 2

Next, go through your wardrobe piece by piece and think about the last time you wore the item, how it made you feel, what you wore it with. Then think would you actually wear it again? If the answer is a definite no, then pop it in a bag ready for the charity shop. If you think you can, then add to the ‘keep’ pile.

Step 3

Once you’ve gone through your whole entire wardrobe, start to hang your clothes up in separate sections. For instance group all your dresses together, skirts together, tops, knits, trousers etc… You’ll find out why in step 3.

Step 4

Now’s the time to start the fashion show. So take a look at your style inspiration moodboard and then take a look at the clothing you have separated into piles, kind of like your very own shop. I bet you any money now you can actually see some outfits coming together.

Step 5

So now you have tried on your outfits and hopefully worn them differently, you can start to re-order your wardrobe and actually hang the outfits together. Maybe even take a picture!

Step 6

Take your unwanted to clothes to a charity shop so other people can benefit from your clothing and they get re-worn. Another way to help sustainability!

Sheer Apparel - Sustainable Fashion Brand

Sheer Apparel is a great sustainable site that hosts many sustainable and ethical brands. Check them out here!

I hope you have found this useful, anything you can do to be more sustainable will make an impact. If you need any help re-styling your wardrobe email me here.

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