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Top 5 basics and where to buy them

You asked and I delivered! Many of you have asked me, first of all what basics

you should own and second of all where you should buy them from? The latter is tricky as it really depends on budget, however I have listed two alternatives in my list below. Basics are an integral part of outfit building and are probably the most important part of your look, not only do they tie a look in, they are key if you want to nail layering. Anyway without further ado, check out my list below!


A white cotton t shirt is a no brainer. It can be worn simply with jeans, under your knits AND under dresses. You can also wear one under sheer blouses if see-through. Another way to wear a white tee is under a lightweight jacket, kimono and denim shirt.


A denim shirt dates back to as far as i remember and I've ALWAYS had one in my wardrobe. You can wear for every season. For instance in autumn, you can wear over a tee and under a lightweight jacket. For winter, wear under a wooly jumper. For spring, wear on its own buttoned up with black jeans, and lastly for summer, wear open as a lightweight jacket for the cooler evenings.


I actually have no words for stripy tops. I have about 25 (million). Not only are they an update on the white tee, they are great if you don't want to go too crazy with print. Deriving from the Parisians, whom are all super-stylish, the striped top , otherwise known as the Breton top, is a wardrobe essential now. Wear under a denim shirt, under a sweater, under a sleeveless black dress - the list goes on!


Again, i've had these type of vests for as long as i remember, they can be layered under sheer blouses, or worn under itchy jumpers. I also wear them to bed! i'm not going to provide images as they are just basic vests you can get from Uniqlo, Topshop, Zara and Next. I would recommend getting one in every colour.


Perfect for layering, the infamous turtle neck tee from Uniqlo is in everyone's wardrobe. Wear under a pinafore dress, under a thicker jumper, wear tucked in your jeans or wear with some sports luxe trousers to work. It's a must-have!

I hope you've found this useful! Also check out Marks and Spencer's, White Stuff, Mint Velvet and Arket for basics.

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